2.5 years ago we started out on a journey that confused most of our friends and family. This journey would lead to an uncertain future with no promise of reward or success! All we knew back then was that we wanted to see the world, learn a whole lot, be happy and take photos. That is exactly what we have done for every single day since then!

travel couple, photographers, environmentalists and teachers

If you have made it here via Instagram you’ve probably got a fair idea of what we are about. If you haven’t then let us introduce ourselves. We are Marie and Jake, we come from opposite sides of the world (Germany and Australia). We met while on holiday in Thailand and fell in love. In a world where we are spoilt for choice we chose happiness and we chose each other. Together we decided that love and happiness was more important than any security a job or money could offer! Combining our love for travel and photography we set out on a journey across the world in pursuit of our dreams.

We travel the world creating content that inspires wanderlust and encourages people to chase their dreams. Behind the photos, behind the instagram is a story that is real. We started out from nothing, we fought through uncertainty and stayed true to our dreams. We want this blog to be the balance between what is real and the highlight reel we have on instagram.

We have been taking life head on ever since we met, striving only for adventure, growth and happiness. We know for a fact that choosing happiness above all is easier said than done, what about security? What about money? What about comfort? We have made mistakes and we have had ups and downs. Whenever we needed a source of inspiration to encourage us to keep choosing happiness, we found one. Whether this was a moment in time, a special place, a book, a photo or words written by inspirational people we admire. Our main goal moving forward with this blog is to provide you with that little slice of inspiration whenever you feel like you need it and to help you remember that fairytales are real, you just have to believe.